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   LET'S TALK!   

   Information/questions - need a human connection? 

 for information, please call Cathy Segal-Garcia (818)599-3292 


             Âu Lạc LA         

    Plant-Based Food & Drink Restaurant    

    710 West 1st St    

    Los Angeles, CA 90012




 MUST BE MADE through this   site or  directly  with Cathy,   NOT the restaurant! 


HELLO! If you tried to buy a ticket, but you were directed back to this page...that means the set is sold out!

please call Cathy Segal-Garcia

 (818) 599-3292

  to see if we can squeeze you in! can show up for the show as a "drop-in" customer and take your chances!


Please see the "ABOUT" page for directions and Parking suggestion, and subway suggestions!

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